Renewed is a group of young dynamic worshippers,  the resident band in Elim Leytonstone, with one united purpose: to usher in the presence of God and see the church thrive in it. We truly believe in the power of worship to change and transform lives, and we feel privileged to see the wonders of God move in this church week after week.

Encouraged by prophecies along the way, we strive not only for musical excellence,  but to draw ever closer to God and be true in our worship. We work closely with other church teams, especially the media and events team to bring the reality of God to the community.

We are also a family and we love and encourage each other in all our very different walks of life. We welcome new talent, but most importantly, real worshippers and open hearts, to join, learn and praise with us.

Please speak to Jan or Dan, our team leaders if you feel this is where your heart is.

You can contact the Office for more information