Family on a Mission

Prayer is very important to the believer as an individual, and to the church as a collection of believers – prayer in the secret place and prayer in the corporate.

A married couple maintain their relationship by the openness of themselves to each other, in the sweet nothings, the small talk, the heavy and important stuff, so it is with the maintenance of our relationship with God – through prayer.

We might find it quite usual for best friends to be on the phone to each other for hours – yet we sometimes find it difficult to find even 5 minutes per day to pray.

Prayer is not just talking to God, but listening also – recognising His voice as we see our prayers answered

Reasons for prayer:


  • To Praise and Adore God
  • To Confess our wrongdoings / disobedience
  • To Give Thanks for prayers answered
  • To present our requests to God (Supplication)

In doing so:

  • we learn to recognise God’s voice
  • Together, we encourage Fellowship On a Mission


To facilitate corporate prayer we hold prayer meetings at the following times:

Sunday 10:15 am (Prayer leader Anne-Marie)
Tuesday afternoon at 1 pm (Prayer leader Dorothy
Wednesday evening at 7 pm (prayer leader Pastor Nigel)
“Night of Prayer” Last Friday of the month 11pm – till early! (prayer leader: Yinka and Bunmi)

We are praying for revival in the church – where revival starts in our own hearts; that people would rise up and yearn for more intimacy with God and more manifestations of the out pouring of His Holy Spirit. We also intercede for the community and our city, that God will impact lives and change the environment.

On Wednesday’s we have a discussion around the word preached on the previous Sunday, leading to prayer points, in response. Its a great time of honest discussion where preconceived ideas are challenged.