B2 Youth

Our aim in the youth is to engage and develop young people, so each young person has a realisation as to the truth of the Gospel and a deeper relationship with God, enabling them to belong to the community, creating the family who journey together. To do this we aim to engage young people in activities that are both fun and sociable, connecting them to the community of believers.


Our 4 objectives:

  • Contact – meeting more young people where they are, developing communities to meet their needs, and engage them.
  • Community – creating a sense of family as we journey together, creating community that the young people can belong to
  • Connection – each young person has a deep and real connection with God
  • Commission – giving each young person an opportunity to step out into the calling God has on their lives

If you are aged between 11 and 18 come along to Infusion Youth club on a Friday evening.

We meet at 7:30 pm in the chill room

 Having fun, socialising and learning about God.

Sunday mornings we have teen search during the morning meeting, a great opportunity to learn more about God and continue to connect with other young people